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Features for edition 11 Autumn 2016:

VAT on agency commission
Unpacking the complexities of tax regulations around agency commissions in top study destinations and what burdens they bring to both educators and agents’ profit margins.

Onshore recruitment
In many study destinations, fertile student recruitment ground lies right outside educators’ front doors. Onshore recruitment circumvents thorny visa processing and costly overseas marketing trips. But onshore student recruitment also presents challenges, with student poaching and student "churn" less desirable aspects of this activity.

This instalment of business barometer focuses on the vibrant english language industry in Malta and the emerging possibility of higher education student mobility.

An on the ground report speaking first-hand to prospective students and parents from Zimbabwe about their study abroad aspirations illustrating the unique traits of this fruitful African market.

PE investment in education
Private equity investment is flowing through a variety of international education conduits to educators and service providers alike. But it hasn’t always been so. We go back through the history of private equity activity in the sector, look at where big capital investments are being made today and ask: how is major investment helping shaping the international education sector?

Working Holiday/J-1 visas
The US and Australia annually benefit from a stream of young people seeking these short-term visas to live and work legally in the country. How do the policies work and what role do they play in enticing students to return and study.

Hospitality sector
Hospitality is one of the most popular study subjects for international students. Who are the big providers? How do they stay on top of industry trends? What employment success do students have once they graduate?

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