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Features for edition 17

Topic: Mental health and study abroad
The UK’s Institute for Public Policy Research revealed that the number of UK students disclosing a mental illness when they arrive at university has risen almost fivefold in the past decade. Generation Z is suffering from modern types of stress as they enter their early 20s with great plans and new horizons. How does this impact study abroad, when vulnerabilities are heightened? The PIE investigates.

Focus: The IB
The International Baccalaureate is celebrating 50 years and we analyse the appeal of this well rounded, “real world” pedagogy, which claims to have research that reveals students who undertake an IB curriculum are more likely to succeed at HE level.

Business Barometer: France
Hosting over 300,000 international students, France is an established study destination with a robust language teaching industry, a dynamic HE sector and many renowned business schools. With Campus France supporting the development of the country’s international education exports, Beckie Smith finds out about national and sector-wide plans to ensure France remains a study destination of choice.

Insights: Football and rugby-led learning
Football offers a common ground between people, with fans able to unite over their love of the beautiful game, despite language barriers. Rugby can also provide similar opportunities. The sports are a big motivator for travel and learning, as language teaching organisations or study abroad operators are realising that sport can be a bigger incentive than language for some young people to travel. As a result, sport-led learning courses are booming.

Central Feature: Careers of the future
With AI and modern technology improving processes in industry and robotics also helping digitize or automate various business functions, it’s an interesting question to pose: how is Higher Ed preparing for the robot revolution? We find out how education – specifically international education – is evolving, or not, to ensure its future graduates are equipped with skills and knowledge that won’t be out of date and offer surety about accessing the jobs market of the future.

Trend: Onshore recruitment and student “churn”
Rules and regulations around the ability of a student to cancel their course – if they find it is not matching their expectations – and re-enrol at a new school differ from country to country, but this function can lead to a phenomenon known as “student churn”, whereby onshore agencies or ‘unethical’ institutions can focus on persuading a student to switch. We find out more about this phenomenon and the pressures it presents.


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