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Features for edition 25

Topic: Chinese agency landscape
China is the largest student source market and its education agency landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years, with plenty of new operators carving out a small market share with the result that the industry is fragmented, dynamic, and hard to keep up with! Our analysis piece speaks to some veterans and some new entrants about the rapid pace of change.

Focus: Creative Arts programs
A qualification in various disciplines within the creative arts, such as film-making or animation, means graduating “work-ready”, being taught by experienced practitioners, and having the opportunity to work in a very global industry, usually with work experience baked into education programming. We talk to some of the specialist education providers in this field and find out who they market themselves internationally.

Business Barometer: Canada
With Canada seeing unprecedented growth in international student enrolments and its government also backing a new International Education strategy which encourages student support, diversification of the student population and outbound mobility for Canadians, we take a timely visit to one of the most talked about education destinations of the last few years and speak to stakeholders in the sector.

Insights: Student Advocacy
More and more countries are leveraging the benefit of international students to become ambassadors for the life-changing educational experience they have lived. Meanwhile, in some countries in particular, international students have formed a lively community to advocate as one voice for greater support services, or to be listened to as an important community in terms of impacting policy. We fill you in on the many faces of the international student advocate.

Central Feature: Sustainability
With the majority of students being below 25 years old and identifiable as millennials or Gen Z, their concerns around environmental sustainability are creeping into all of their consumer decisions – and this includes education. We speak to some of the institutions that are leading the way in terms of investing into becoming a carbon-neutral operation, while we also speak to experts and agenda-setters when considering the very unique challenges that international education poses. How can companies and educators operating in this space promote opportunities around life-changing global mobility while being planet-conscious, ethical and sustainable at the same time?

Trend: Managed campuses
Outsourcing the management of a satellite campus, a sister branch of an education mothership, is happening more often, either within the same country or in terms of transnational education. Commercial companies can set up more quickly and act as a more nimble partner to an education institution wishing to move fast and operate efficiently. We speak to some of the big players in this space to ask them how the speciality of managing campuses is developing and what trends they expect to see in the future.

Analysis: Risk management in global financial transactions
The amount of money being transferred in our industry, between students and agents, students and institutions, agents and institutions and just from company to company is mind-boggling. There are quite a few services and businesses dedicated to helping businesses save money and smooth out the process, many with a targeted Education team. We find out about some of the problems they are solving, and speak with a range of operators focused either on business or the student consumer, to find out about latest innovations.

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