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Features for edition 15 (Autumn 2017):

Topic: Fintech and international education
Financial technology is a fast-paced industry, with new platforms that ensure seamless money transactions across borders, and ease of payment, rapidly evolving. With the rise of Apple Pay, Bitcoin and multiple software platforms focused on international students, there are new portals and solutions for students that some in our industry may not be aware of. We provide an update on the latest trends in fintech for our sector.

Focus: Language learning apps
Apps are a new quintessential part of life, and an ideal platform for software developers keen to tap into the huge language learning market, which incorporates casual learners through to dedicated students with academic plans or business people. Which are the dominant apps, which are the most interesting and how is the app market impacting, engaging with or integrating with the more traditional models of language learning?

Business Barometer: Malaysia's ambitions
With the Ministry of Higher Education backing the proactive Education Malaysia campaign and portal, Malaysia is evolving as a global study destination as well as a renowned transnational education hub. Beckie Smith speaks to education providers in the country to find out how trends are tracking in terms of International student enrolments and the experience of being an international student studying in the country.

Insights: The older learner
The relaxed-pace learner who is not studying on a tight timeframe – bound for university studies or an imminent job – is an important market segment of the language learning market. Students seek high value cultural experience as well as the opportunity to learn to converse overseas, and the Babyboom generation which makes up this market is happy to pay for quality too. Reem Nafie finds out more about how educators are enticing those in the 50+ age bracket.

Central Feature: A slice of agency history - 20 over 20
The education agency industry has professionalised and grown up in the last 20 years, and there are quite a few agency owners and businesses that have been around for the whole of that time, seeing business develop and their companies expand as the international education industry has evolved. We interview 20 significant agency owners who represent a diverse geographic reach and who all have interesting tales to tell about education counselling in the early days of the internet, digital disruption and business expansion.

Introducing The PIEoneer Awards shortlist
With close to 350 entries for The PIEoneer Awards, honing a shortlist of truly exceptional, innovative contenders in a diverse range of 12 categories was a difficult & time-consuming job. All of the shortlisted entrants deserve to be spotlighted for their achievements, and in this article we provide a brief overview of them all.


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