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Remaining publication dates for 2015:
Edition 7: September 2015
Edition 8: November 2015

Due to popular demand, in 2016 The PIE Review will become a quarterly magazine.

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Features for edition 07 Autumn 2015:

The Pathway Market >
How has this up and coming market evolved in the past five years, what works where, who is already on the scene and who is just getting started. 

Nano-learning >
More students are opting to take shorter, certified courses that are more relevant to their professional objectives. How are educators managing the expectations of the digital student and is the death of the four-year degree upon us? 

Australia >
After the government announced its national international education strategy, what’s happening across all sectors of this booming destination market. 

Student decision making process >
Building on the The PIE News’s Going Global session, we ask students around the world what the key elements of their overseas decision making process were.

Industry disruption >
Change is inevitable and indeed vital for every industry. How will the school/agent dynamic evolve? Will change be the same everywhere? How valuable is face-to-face counselling in today’s digital market place? What do big players think innovation will look like and who’s already endeavouring to tackle the challenge? 

US outbound market >
With student numbers to rival the Erasmus + programme already (300,000) and plans to double it by the end of the decade, the US outbound market is a land of opportunity for the right provider. What is the current study abroad model, who are the successful players and how is the sector developing to boost numbers. 

Alternative ELT destinations >
Cyprus, Philippines and India. What’s driving demand? Ease of visas? Where do most students come from? 

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